Cool Ring Container Assembly Instructions & Printable PDF

Cool Ring Container Assembly Instructions & Printable PDF


These instructions are for our original wired Cool Ring air root pruning growing containers. Our new 2nd generation SweetRoots are both wireless and pre-assembled as a single unit.


Open bundle; allow rings to expand and loosen; remove the outermost Florida Cool Ring container from the bundle. Assembly time is approximately 10-15 seconds. Each ring has a “head” (where the wire extends beyond the fabric side) and a “tail” (where the fiber is longer than the wire). For ease of demonstration, place the “tail” in your left hand and the “head” in your right. The Florida Cool Ring container will naturally begin to take the form of a circle. (see figure 1)


Place the “head” over the “tail” flap so one set of lateral bars on the wire is perfectly overlapped.

Using the C-clip gun (P7 model), attach the two ends of the wire ring in four places down its side. Placing the C-clips in this procedure initiates holding the ring’s circular form in place. (see figure 2)


On both the top and bottom of the Florida Cool Ring container, place one C-clip where the overlapping occurs. (see figure 3)


Place the “tail’s” loose fabric back against the wall of the container and attach it to the wire at both the top and bottom. These C-clips will be attached through two pieces of fabric and only one piece of wire. (see figure 4)


Place the Florida Cool Ring container on the center of the non-woven fabric bottom and partially fill with soil to begin the planting process. (see figure 5)

Anchorage study chart of results

Cool Ring Container Assembly Instructions PDF

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